Sunday, 14 July 2013

Stumble.. stumble...

This is not the typical raise from the ashes to succeed story. Its one about lost hope and how the mighty cope with it.
The job hunting season had begun, the undergraduate forces were strong . Company number one, a start-up from the southern regions of the globe had set shop, hoping to grab the best talent. However it does seem that best talent are seldom chosen. Its the lucky ones that eventually make it to the top. The question as to why this happens is open ended. The sheer influx of candidates will cloud the system and the talented unlucky ones are left out.

The start-up shop eventually ended up losing some of the best minds.

Company number two, another one with a dysfunctional sieve, managed to wipe out all the best but settled for something lesser.

The questions that come to my mind is : How can we improve the selection procedure? How can we  eliminate luck from being one of the factors? Or is it that we do not want to eliminate luck. Nobody knows for sure. 

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